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Join us and experience the unique Lofoten Islands!

We offer two-day adventure packages
bringing you in close contact with
Lofoten’s breathtaking scenic surroundings.

Package rates from NOK 2,290 per person.


Overnight accommodation

Overnight accommodation in top modern fisherman’s cabins offering everything you need for your stay, and set in beautiful scenic surroundings.


An exhilarating experience on the seas of Lofoten, offering close encounters with local animal life and a view of the magnificent scenery from a totally different perspective.

Fishing Village Walk

Visit the best preserved and most complete fishing villages in the whole of Norway and immerse yourself in the development of the Lofoten fishery over the past 250 years

Smaken av Lofoten – The Taste of Lofoten

Hospitality, the joy and love of good food and local culinary traditions are the very cornerstone of Smaken av Lofoten.

We set off towards one of the world’s most perilous stretches of sea, infamous and feared by seafarers for thousands of years. Mentioned by Pytheas the Greek over 2000 years ago, and by world famous authors like Jules Verne, Herman Melville and Edgar Allan Poe.

Overnight accommodation

Each and every one of the time-honoured wooden buildings at Å Sjøhus are listed.

We are located at the end of the E10 road. Å i Lofoten is by many referred to as the most beautiful place in Lofoten.

You will see an impressive panorama here. The Lofoten mountain wall towers up in the background, and across the sea there is an unimpeded view of the Norwegian mainland, the Vestfjord and the Maelstrom.

Today, the time-honoured fishermen’s cabins are used primarily as holiday chalets, but some of them are still put to their original use by professional fishermen.

All of our fishermen’s cabins are top modern and include everything you will need for your stay here with us.

The Norwegian Fishing Village Museum, one of the best preserved and complete old-style fishing villages in the whole of Norway.

Visit several buildings with a variety of exhibitions: the boathouse, the cod-liver oil factory, the smallholder’s cottage, the blacksmith’s, the woodshed, the drying shed, the old post office and the bakery.

Historical Gardens – in an exceptionally beautiful setting. At our summer bakery (with its stone oven dating back to 1844) you can try various types of traditional bread and cinnamon rolls. The Old Shop is full to the brim with locally produced food, souvenirs, books and fishing tackle.


Her føler du at du virkelig er i Lofoten. Du har utsikt rett ut mot Vestfjorden, ser båtene som er ute og fisker, og turistbåtene som glir forbi. Her spiste jeg fiskekaker som er laget av en av beboerne der ute ( Gerd Johnsen ) NYDELIG ! Besøkte juni 2014
Ger Johansen
Spiste en veldig god bacalao, en porsjon som var så stor at jeg hadde store problemer med å fullføre den. Rent og pent, og hyggelige ansatte.
Restaurant tout à fait correct, proposant une cuisine agréable, même si avec peu de plats. Les poissons sont notamment très réussis. Les prix sont classiques au vu du pays et de la gamme du resto (260-300 NOK le plat).
Emmanuel B Arcueil

Smaken av Lofoten – The Taste of Lofoten

Smaken av Lofoten  runs a restaurant and overnight accommodations in beautiful Sørvågen, with emphasis on the good life. Here you can enjoy delicious local fare made from fresh local ingredients, sleep well and have a wonderful stay in fantastic surroundings.

Your hosts, Mariann and Stein, give top priority to quality at all levels and take pride in ensuring that you, our guest, will have an enjoyable experience.

For many years, Mariann Benonisen and Stein-Tore Johansen ran a pub and restaurant in Værøy. Both come from families of traditional fishermen in Sørvågen and Værøy respectively, where they grew up close to nature and everything that the sea has to offer.


Hospitality, the joy and love of good food and local culinary traditions are the very cornerstone of Smaken av Lofoten.

Other Activities

RIB Safari all year round

Want to experience the power of the Maelstrom at close quarters? See whales, orcas, white-tailed eagles and a wealth of bird life.

Bicycle hire

We rent out new bicycles and electric bikes during the summer. Helmets included. Regular bikes NOK 195 a day. Electric bikes NOK 450 a day.

Northern Lights Weekend

We offer winter weekend packages including overnight accommodation, breakfast and dinner, and an exciting hunt for the Northern Lights.

Mountain Walks in Lofoten

Guided mountain walks to the summit of Tindstind peak with a unique view of the Maelstrom, Værøy and Røst. Guide and packed lunch included.

Lofoten Fishery Weekend

We offer weekend stays including overnight accommodation and boat trips out to the fishing grounds to fish for genuine Lofoten cod.

Immerse yourself in magical winter light

Looking to take fantastic photos of the Northern Lights and want to experience this amazing phenomenon amid mighty coastal mountains?

Wherever you go in Lofoten you will find amazing photo motifs. However, we recommend one of the world’s strongest tidal currents, the Maelstrom, and Sørvågen as your starting point for photographing the Northern Lights.

Early in the year you may also experience the authentic Lofoten Fishery when the season starts in January/February. You will see the fishery at close quarters, and if you wish, we can arrange trips out to sea for you.

We offer a wealth of opportunity for photographing magnificent natural scenery, mighty mountains, the beautiful Northern Lights and the authentic Lofoten Fishery.

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Smaken Av Lofoten

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8392 Sørvågen
+47 760 92 100

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